Retraining your breathing

Breath Connection

At Breath Connection we correct your bad breathing habits and then teach you in retraining your breathing using the Buteyko Institute Method™.

Some people respond that they have been breathing without instruction all their lives.

Half a century of research by the Professor Konstantin Buteyko suggests that most symptoms of disease stem from chronic, incorrect and excessive breathing.

There have been numerous documentary and current affair programs over the last two decades, showing the phenomenal results that our clients with asthma and other respiratory conditions can achieve.

There have been published clinical trials for asthma in Australia, Canada and the UK.

What is not as well known is that asthma is just the easiest and quickest condition that responds to breath re-training.

Many clients come with snoring, sleep apnoea and related  sleep disorders.  Others come with panic, stress and anxiety.  Many athletes and sports people come for improved performance and endurance.

In fact, Buteyko is really about drug-free healing, health, well-being and fitness.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, the bad news is that you can’t just buy all that regardless of how much money you have.

You must make a decision, commit some time and do a significant amount of work during and following the course.

You may also need to make some dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain good breathing.

We do not provide medical treatment for any particular condition.

We’ll teach you to breathe correctly and the results will very likely astound you.