Sleep Apnoea (Apnea)

Interesting information about sleep apnoea:

This article is written in Western Australia.  Requirements may differ in other jurisdictions.

If you have a drivers license, diiagnosed sleep apnoea is one of a number of medical conditions for which you are required to notify the WA Department of Transport.  Then your drivers license will probably become conditional on receiving ‘appropriate medical treatment’.  See the above Transport link for details including fine for failure to notify.

If you have or are applying for life insurance, you may also be required to notify the insurer, resulting in increased premiums or cancellation or denial of the policy. Failure to notify may result in invalidation of the policy.

A diagnosis of sleep apnoea may also affect your employability. See “A Rude Awakening

The “Gold Standard” treatment for sleep apnoea is Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) machine.  The compliance of recipients of CPAP therapy varies enormously depending on the definitions of “compliance” and the vested interests of the publishers of the figures. eg from 17% (University Study) to 98% (Marketer of CPAP machines).

You may choose to investigate the possibility of eliminating sleep apnoea, naturally, by re-training your breathing before having a sleep study as, once diagnosed, it can be a difficult process to clear.


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